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Some of our more recent wedding videos:

Wedding and Engagement Videos

We love capturing video as much as we do photos. We feel that video brings a whole different set of emotions and memories into your wedding day package as well as offers clients a chance to view their wedding day from the guest’s perspective. 

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What makes our video package different?

First, we don’t limit the edit to a single song or have per-determined minute-length packages… We think that’s kind of weird. We’re more journalistic documentary-style videographers who tell the story of your wedding day in a beautifully crafted cinematic visual story of all of the events of your wedding day. Some videos are 5 minutes and some are 20 minutes, the length of the video is determined by the events throughout the day.

We put together your story with your style and personality in mind and keep an entertaining pace throughout the video. Our video package has the highlight video, which tells the story of your full wedding day in a cinematic and visual storytelling style, plus a full ceremony video, a toast video, and a moments video. The moments’ video is a series of full segments from cake cutting, sunset, games, and anything else that deserves to be shared.