Wedding and Engagement Videos

As part of the Epoch Wedding Package we offer a free highlight video of the wedding day at no cost to our couples with the exception of a third plate at the reception.
We film short clips while we also photograph the wedding as well as hire a third person to assist and film for the entire wedding day and put together a highlight wedding video with the footage.

Why did we start offering free video?

At first this started out as an experiment to learn the ins and outs of video and video editing, but after doing it for more than a year we found that we really enjoyed film as much as photography. So we decided to keep it as part of our package as well as keep it free for out clients.

Essentially we’re creating a commercial for our business that our clients are connected to and love, therefore, share it with their friends and family.

We like to edit to the energy of the wedding day and to the personalities of the bride and groom, so my edits can be a little outside of the normal wedding video at times, but the style and music fits the wedding and couple.

Some of our more recent wedding videos:

Chelsea and Steve - Wedding Day.

This was a beautiful mountain wedding in Staunton State Park in January. The weather held up for the day with sun coming in through some scattered clouds. After the ceremony a few clouds rolled in and it started getting much colder. The reception is scheduled for later date in the summer, so after the formals and a few minutes with the bride and groom in the forest we called it a night.

Chelsea walked down the aisle with her father led by a chorus of kazoo’s… I must admit, this was a first for me and it was absolutely amazing! Nothing but smiles and laughing as she walked towards Steve who was tearing up again at the second sight of Chelsea in her wedding dress. They shared a heartfelt exchange of vows surrounded by the tall pines and the sun beaming through the clouds.

A super simple wedding with close friends and family making for an absolutely perfect wedding day.

Layne & Kody - Wedding Day.

Layne and Kody have known each other since middle school so they had a very close knit set of family and friends. The wedding was an absolute blast to capture, though challenging at times with some crazy weather… We had a beautiful sunny day at the Cheyenne Canon Inn, followed by wind and rain and snow ending in a calm cool evening. Despite the weather the wedding day turned out absolutely great and was super fun to play my role in capturing the day.

Kody kept it together the entire day, from the first look to the first dance… But speaking his vows showed his heart and how much he is in love with Layne. Filled with tears and laughter they both have a ton of true love for each other and it shows.

With this video I had my video guy pull some of the guests aside during the reception and ask them if they had any marriage tips or words of wisdom for Kody and Layne. The second half of this video are those words of wisdom from their wedding guests.

Katie & Kyle - Wedding Day.

I was actually super nervous walking into this wedding… It’s rare that I get to shoot a wedding for a professional photographer. Katie is a phenomenal horse photographer and also shoots for the military. Her work is amazing which for some reason made me question why I was hired and stress about showing her my work… This is all in my head and there was no reason to worry, they hired me for my work and I’ve shot several weddings. I think part of the worry stemmed from not shooting their engagement and having that time to work together before the wedding day combined with her being an amazing photographer.

Anyways… This was perhaps one of the most beautiful settings for a wedding. It was at the Stagecoach Ranch in Cotapaxi Colorado surrounded by snow capped mountains and a crisp fall wind. Simple flowers around the linen covered alter with the mountains in the background and a unique ranch house to get ready in surrounded by open grass fields.

Katie was adamant about offering plenty of time for photos which was fantastic. This gave us a far more relaxed set of formals and plenty of time with the wedding party as the sun fell behind a mountain to start the party.

In the end, one of the weddings I was most stressed out about turned out to be one of the most fun and easy and beautiful weddings I have shot to date.

Jesse & Mark - Wedding Day.

Mark and Jess are friends of my wife and I so this video is a little different. They are a very country western family so the video represents that by starting with an old western movie feel to the edit and music choices. At this wedding my wife actually filmed most of the footage with a cell phone and I filmed clips when I could throughout the wedding day. This was before buying a camera dedicated to video… but most of the first video we shoot are all shot with cell phone footage (it worked for the time).

This wedding was set at Hatchet Ranch south of Colorado Springs in Pueblo with a huge red barn. They had a massive wedding party of super close friends which made the entire day a long party filled with nothing but love and laughter. One of the few summer weddings where I was able to change into shorts during the reception (only at a friends wedding – never at a clients wedding haha).

Jesse wore a purple dress which looked absolutely stunning and gave a unique look to the wedding photos. A truly beautiful and amazing wedding day.

Jen & Justin - Wedding Day.

There’s so much to say about this wedding, engagement and couple… It was just a super fun experience from start to finish.

First the engagement. It’s a little more rare for me to film an engagement because it can be difficult to do both plus interact with my couple and build that relationship. I was able to film this one while we hiked and drove into the mountains. This was an adventure with Justin’s Land Cruiser deep into Rampart Range Road to a “little” hiking trail that led to Devil’s Head Fire Lookout. It’s a hike for sure (not crazy) heading to the top of a mountain that overlooks the Rocky Mountains. Stunning views and all around great engagement shoot.

The wedding was at Spruce Mountain Events in Larkspur Colorado (one of my favorite venues) and flawlessly executed by the wedding planner Lina Hoekman who is amazing at her job.

The day started out at Jen and Justin’s home where the bridal party was getting ready. When I pulled up to the house, Justin was deep under the hood of a Land Cruiser that was supposed to be part of the wedding. Justin had spent weeks getting the Toyota ready for the wedding day but here at the last minute something was happening in the engine and it was looking like it may not be able to play its part in the wedding.

The groomsmen showed up and started helping take parts of the engine apart and started working on it to solve the problem. At the very last minute we could’ve waited they were able to get it started and loaded on the trailer to head towards the wedding venue. The girls were inside getting mostly ready with a plan for final touch-up and getting into their dresses at the venue.

After a super touching father’s first look and groom’s first look we headed to the ceremony. The Land Cruiser Justin and the groomsmen worked on wasn’t quite able to make it up the hill to the ceremony so the groom’s Land Cruiser towed the ladies up the hill and both Cruisers’ were part of the day. This was a very ‘Land Cruiser’ wedding… During the ceremony the ring bearer was a remote controlled mini Land Cruiser which carried a wooden ring box up to the alter.

After the ceremony and formals we had about 15 minutes to grab some sunset shots with both Land Cruisers by the pond and dock. Then it was off to the party to celebrate their new marriage and joined families.

Beautiful day and wonderful people and vendors… No matter how behind we got in the day… And it didn’t rain when we worked together Lina!

Connie & Matt - Wedding Day.

I’m one who views wedding as a celebration of love and life and try to capture the pure energy of the wedding day. This wedding video and couple were the definition of love and the day was filled with energy. It was very romantic but more so a celebration, so the video edit leans more towards the celebration of the day vs the romance… Though it is also a romantic video as well.

I built a great relationship with Connie and Matt during our 4 total shoots. We shot 2 engagement sessions, one normal session where we went to Pulpit Rock, a bar on the south side for some wine cellar shots (they met in a bar) and ended the shoot at Rock Ledge Ranch by Garden of the Gods for sunset. Then a second engagement in Garden of the Gods so we could include their German Shepard as part of their engagement.

The third shoot was their wedding day at the Barn at Casey’s in Woodland Park… When I say this wedding was a blast and super fun wedding to be a part of… That simple doesn’t express the amount of fun it was capturing this wedding day. One of, if not the best wedding I have ever been to and had the pleasure of capturing. If there was a flawless perfect wedding… This was it.

This was the very first video where we asked a few people to offer marriage advice or a message to the bride and groom… Matt also got a message in to surprise Connie.

The fourth shoot was a quick trip with Connie and Matt after the wedding day into the mountains wearing their wedding attire. She wore the dress and had a bouquet while Matt wore his suit and tie. We drove up Old Stage Road into the mountains and stopped at various locations we liked until the sun set behind the mountains.

Adrienne & Brendan - Wedding Day.

This was the first wedding where I only did video for the entire wedding day. Before this I had only shot small clips throughout the wedding day.. This was a completely different experience – Hats off to any pro-videographers.

Brendan and Adrienne contacted me last minute to ask if I could film their wedding. The videographer they hired scammed them and split just a few days before their wedding day. I was eager to film the day as it offered a whole new experience and at a location I had not yet been to… Granby Lake Colorado. This is a beautiful lake about 3 hours from Colorado Springs.

The aspens were still changing colors and you could hear the elk in the distance. The ceremony was outside on a deck overlooking the lake. We were able to finish the ceremony just before the rain rolled in. This only lasted a few minutes before letting up and allowing us to go out for formals and some shots with the bride and groom.

Definitely a new challenge for me (at this time) but a tremendous blast filming a wedding and being able to deliver this video to a great couple who had a very unfortunate experience with someone else in the wedding industry. Those kind of experiences hurt us all and I am happy to offer a good outcome to it all.

Courtney & Jake - Wedding Day.

Courtney and Jake had a stunning wedding at Highland Ranch Mansion in Highlands Ranch Colorado.

This was an early wedding after starting these videos. I went with a slower more emotional edit… Possibly a little weird on my music choices… But it fit the pace and deep emotions of this wedding day.

This is another couple I had a blast with and built a good relationship with between 3 separate shoots. The first was their full engagement session where she wore a red evening dress, he wore a nice suit, and we went to the top of Pikes Peak. Amazing photos and we filmed that shoot as well. The second shoot was hiking up Stratton Open Space to include their dog in their engagement. Quick little hike to a small lake looking east over the open plains.

The 3rd shoot was their wedding day in Highlands Ranch which was absolutely elegant setting in a historic mansion. Everything looked very fancy and had a classic elegance to match Courtney and Jake. The flower girls were a set of beautiful grandmas which kicked off an emotional ceremony led by Courtney’s brother as the officiant.

Gorgeous wedding and beautiful couple inside and out.