Renee & Jake Engagement in Loveland Colorado

Renee & Jake Engagement in Loveland Colorado

Sunday January 26th 2020

Renee and Jake contacted me for a free engagement. If you haven’t yet heard I’m offering 100% free engagements for anyone engaged in Colorado with no gimmicks and no sales pressure or need to sign a full blown wedding contract – Just free. Here’s all of the details on the free engagement if you’re interested. 

Renee and Jake live in Loveland Colorado, which is about 2 hours and 30 minutes from my location. Not too far but not exactly close by any means. I like driving so a long drive is generally not a big deal and I had never been to Loveland so it was a new adventure. 

So a little about Jake and Renee. Jake is a fireman and Renee is a nurse, both are based out of Loveland. When we talked in email we planned to start the shoot at the fire station where Jake works. Shoot a little there and in front of the fire trucks, which was another first for me. He was going to be wearing his bunker gear along with the fire truck so already I was very excited to shoot this one. When I got there he was in his fireman’s bunker gear and Renee was wearing her nurses scrubs. Super cool!

So we shot for a bit inside the fire station and on one of the trucks, then decided to head into Loveland’s main fire station for a couple more shots. At the main station they had a fireman’s pole and since we were also shooting video we wanted to play around a bit there before heading to the second location. It was here that I had a chance to slide down the fireman’s pole and I chickened out… I completely regret it now but when you’re staring down the hole and holding $4500 in camera gear it can be a little intimidating. 

Anyways… Here’s some of the shots from both fire stations

First Location:

Location #1:
Fire station in Loveland Colorado

Location #2:
Pinewood Reservoir just outside of Loveland

Start time:

End time:
Sunset at around 5:00PM

Loveland Colorado

engagement photo with fireman
engagement photo of a couple kissing in front of a fire truck
engagement photo with fireman and fire truck

Pinewood Reservoir

Location Two: Pinewood Reservoir

After leaving the fire station we headed out west to Pinewood Reservoir. It’s about a 20 minute drive west of Loveland… Which, by-the-way, is an absolutely beautiful area and very pretty in every direction.  

At the lake we met up with Renee’s sister… Maybe Jake’s sister… Someone’s sister for sure. She brought “Tank” to the lake for his part of the engagement shoot. Tank is Renee and Jake’s chocolate lab. He was super excited to be there and immediately ready for his photos. 

We hung out a bit on the damn for a few shots. Donny sent the drone up to get some sweet shots of the landscape and dancing and walking the dog. Did I mention that it’s absolutely beautiful up there at the lake. It was a bit chilly but not too bad for being January 26th in the mountains. 

We shot all around the lake finding cool spots and angles until the sun started setting. The lake was actually only partially frozen so we were able to get a spot with some reflections. As the sun reached the top of the mountains we walked to the east side of the lake to get some grand landscape shots and a few in the tall grass… Some with Tank and some without. 

We finished up with a couple road shots and silhouettes. The clouds looked prime for bursting into color once the sun got low enough so I asked Renee and Jake if they were down to stay for about 10 minutes or so and tough through the frigid cold for a bit. I planned to setup my flash and soft box and have it ready if the clouds did light up. Which they did! So we grabbed about 10 or so shots like that until I decided to call it an evening as it was very cold at this point and I could tell they were a bit chilly. 

We got the shots though and I think the cold is completely worth it! Although, I don’t have to look good and I’m generally wearing thermals and a coat by this point. What do you think? Worth it or not?

engagement at pinewodd reservoir in loveland colorado
engagement at pinewodd reservoir in loveland colorado

Thank you!

Thank you Renee & Jake & Tank

Thank you for the wonderful adventure in Loveland… I’m already excited for your wedding on August 30th in Estes!

Here’s the video Donny with White Summit Productions filmed during the shoot…