Natasia + Alex | Soda Creek Ranch

Soda Creek Ranch is a beautiuful venue located just outside of Pueblo… But is seemingly in the middle of nowhere. The landscape is a beautiful desert vibe filled with cactus and dry grass with rolling dessert hills. You will definitely get dirty walking around the venue, but it is well worth it for the amazing photos.

The venue itself offers some great getting ready cabins as well as a small cottage for the bride and groom. The main building is a large barn with plenty of room for dancing and everyone to comfortably sit. There’s also a small second level for a few extra tables or a live band.

The ceremony site is facing west and under a large pergola and concrete pad. The guests sit in a turf covered area in the main courtyard with plenty of shoulder room.

From a photography standpoint, the only negative aspect of this venue is the lack of shade on a sunny day. This is generally not a problem except that the only shaded is next to the main building so cocktail hour and formals generally get combined to one space making it a little difficult to organize people and get the shots done in a decent timeframe. It is manageable but can get a little crazy depending on the crowd.

The Wedding Day | Natasia and Alex

The day started off on a bad note – One of the family members was helping hang fabric and flowers at the alter when he fell off the ladder. When we arrived the bride was crying and a few guests were waiting on the ambulance. As an update… John is doing good and just needs to recover a bit after the fall. Sadly he was not able to stay or come back to the wedding. Natasia was a trooper and after a quick cry she made the choice to accept whatever happens and make the most of her wedding day.

Alex held it together no matter what was happening around him… He was a bit nervous putting on his tie but held up as a strong pillar for the day and Natasia. After some quick getting ready shots and details we started the ceremony… practically on time! After the ceremony we went into formals followed by a short walk for some sunset photos before starting the party. The reception started with a beautiful song by Natasia’s father, mother and siblings. Then after a few dances it was game on and the dancing started.

As the night wrapped up the wind picked up and howled unfder the stars.

Beautiful wedding day for a beautiful couple.