Hello Gregg…

I told you that I would send you a few of the videos I’ve done for promos and more… But I didn’t want to send you a bunch of different links to my past video work in your messenger or make you sift through my YouTube channel to find videos. So I thought instead I’d make one post and share one link with you showing some of the promo videos and things I have done so you can review my work. Epoch 365 is the subsidiary of Epoch Moment Photography and carries the video side of the business for weddings, promos, music videos, etc. – All things video.

The embedded videos below are from various companies I’ve filmed for. There’s also a button to view the Know Where Project or my wedding videos at Epoch Moment Photography. I don’t film 100% of the footage from a wedding, I hire a student to film most of it while I film and photograph.. Then I edit all of the footage together to make a wedding day highlight film.

Anyways… Poke around on my work and let me know if you have any questions. Contact me any time – 719-306-4107 or adam@epochmoment.com or on messenger.

Company Promo Videos

Mint & Porter Design Company – Angelina Pecoraro

Clever Lark Photography – Katie Damon

REST Float Solutions – Jason Buck

Reticence Marketing – Kolten Montgomery


Epoch Moment Photography – ME!

G:ENISIS – Music Videos

Randoms Tattoos – Brandon “Random” Heramb

Randoms Tattoos – Brandon “Random” Heramb

Out of the Apocalypse Promo

Video from when I upgraded my processor – Covid19 boredom

Shepherd Revolution – David Prosper

This is the promo video of all the videos shot for the summit