Engaged in Colorado?

Free Engagement Photos In Colorado? This can’t be real…

Wait… First things first… You’re probably thinking, “What’s the catch with offering free engagement photos in Colorado to everyone engaged?”

Well, nothing actually, this is not a gimmick or a misleading offer in any way. There’s no up-sell for prints or additional photos and it’s not free based on you signing a contract for a wedding package or anything else from me. This is simply my normal full engagement session and delivered engagement package absolutely free for anyone engaged in Colorado.

No strings attached whatsoever, you’ll pay nothing and you’re not signing up for anything.

It’s just free.

For full transparency, there is a service contract that must be signed before we schedule your engagement session. I hate legal stuff but the contract gives a clear explanation of the zero cost and what to expect for delivery and time as well as a model release for the photos. Also as a business, it’s important to contract everything to protect both myself and client’s. Click here to view a sample contract and a red-line explanation of the details.  

Why am I offering free engagement sessions?

Simply put… Because no one else is doing it.

I’m sure no one else is doing this because it’s probably a really bad idea all together – I’m offering, for free, something I would normally charge $500 for or include as part of a $3,000 wedding contract.

That’s just crazy.

Not only is this entire thing probably a bad idea, but the word ‘free‘ subconsciously implies having no value which immediately causes you to think that an Epoch Engagement Session or my photography in general won’t be worth your time – free or not. Or perhaps you’ve seen posts with photographers offering free services and it makes you think that I’m new to photography and building my portfolio…

Neither of these are remotely close to being true.

Look, click here to view some of my engagement photos. and also check out my Facebook and Instagram pages for more of my work.
If you can appreciate any of my photos and recognize a level of talent, then why not see what this is all about and book a free session?

Also, I’m well passed my portfolio building stage – I’ve been a full-time wedding and engagement photographer since 2015. I’ve led over 60 weddings and shot more than 70 engagement sessions all over Colorado since launching Epoch Moment Photography. I mentor and teach entry to mid level photographers and I’ve been editing with Photoshop and Lightroom for over 20 years.

I'm not trying to be the 'highest paid' wedding photographer in Colorado.I'm trying to be the best.

So why exactly am I offering free engagement sessions?

A little back story – When I first started shooting weddings I offered truly unlimited wedding day coverage… Absolutely no time limits. If the wedding day was 4 hours or 14 hours I was there the entire time without the client having to worry about needing to pay for extra hours or running into additional fees. At the time, I couldn’t find another photographer offering anything like that even though it makes perfect sense… How many weddings can you shoot in a day that you need to narrow the day down to hours?

Nearly every photographer I spoke to about my unlimited wedding package said I was crazy, however, most of my brides have said that this was one of the big reasons that led them to hiring me.

I very well might be crazy but it’s working!

I’ve never had a fear of hard work and I like to push the limits of what some people would consider crazy or bad for business.

I also don’t subscribe to the idea of overcharging for prints or increasing prices just because it has the word ‘wedding‘ in the title. This is why I continue to offer completely unlimited photo packages, offer all of my pro-lab prints and products with a 0% markup, provide a highlight wedding video at no cost to my clients, and it’s why I go out of my way to provide far more value to my clients than they will ever pay for my services.

I’m not trying to be the ‘highest paid’ wedding and engagement photographer in Colorado… I’m trying to be the best.

The only way to be the best is to shoot more, take more risks, and do something that no one else is doing or even willing to do…

So I’m offering to shoot a full engagement session for any and all engaged couples in Colorado.

Let's do this!

"There areno rules here,we are trying toaccomplish something."