Samantha + Nolan Engagement

This was round two for a shoot with Samantha and Nolan. We were 30 minutes in on their first engagement shoot and when we went to drive to our second location we noticed that someone broke into my car. They had nothing but compassion for us and sat with us in the parking lot while we called the police and figured everything out. From that day on they had a special place in the Epoch Teams heart.

Round two engagement shoot

It is not often that we have a couple that is up for an at-home shoot but Samantha had a Pinterest board prepared for this one. We went to their house where we were greeted by two sweet dogs who made appearances in a few of the pictures.  One of the biggest reasons I love doing at-home shoots is because it gets the couple comfortable and relaxed. Having the couple feeling comfortable makes for some natural laughs and emotions which is always nice. Samantha and Nolan had a plant wall that they have been working on and it worked perfectly for their coffee date at the dining room table. 

Once, we wrapped up things at the house we headed over to Paint Mines in Peyton, Colorado. It is a little bit of a walk to get to the mines but it is totally worth it just make sure you account for the sun because it gets shady quickly. There are a variety of colors on the rocks ranging from purple to orange but some of the best ones were white with a splash of color. You could spend a whole day shooting here because there are a ton of paths with a lot of photo opportunities. 

On our way out the sunset turned orange so they popped some champagne and enjoyed a glass together. This shoot was full of fulfilling conversations and tons of laughter. We are looking forward to capturing Samantha and Nolan’s wedding in May 2024.