Bobbie Jean & Zach Wedding

Bobbie Jean & Zach Wedding in Walsenburg

Saturday, December 28th 2019

Bobbie Jean and Zach were a super fun couple from start to finish. Both are super kind people and very easy going which makes it easy to have fun on any wedding day.

This day started on December 27th for the rehearsal in Walsenburg. They had a 24 person wedding party not counting the 5 flower girls and the ring bearer. Let me say that again… They had 24 people in the wedding party. So when you count in the bride and groom we’re at 26 people. At first this was a very scary though… But after meeting then all at the rehearsal I knew it was going to be fun.

There wasn’t a planner so I ran the rehearsal and got everyone organized. This was a good group of friends and family and everyone was there to make sure that Bobbie and Zach had a good wedding. So that makes it nice when everyone, especially 24 people, are there to listen and organize to make sure the wedding goes off without issue. We ran through the rehearsal in about an hour and everyone knew the plan for the next day. Was it worth it to drive the hour and a half to Walsenburg? Yes, yes it was… With that many people I think it really helps to have someone there who has been to 75+ weddings and rehearsals to help organize.

Anyways… Wedding day, 7:45AM, Sunshine and I load the truck along with my son (Cameron) who was filming for the day) and hit the road. We arrived between 9:40 and 10:00AM due to the snow just south of Pueblo. In Walsenburg the snow was coming down pretty hard… We probably got 3 to 4 inches of snow by the time we left for the reception.

We shot as a nervous bride got ready downstairs and a nervous groom set up and got dressed up stairs. The ceremony started at about 1:00PM and lasted 30 minutes. It was a beautiful ceremony  in their families church in Walsenburg followed by family formals in the same church. By the time we left the roads between Walsenburg and Pueblo were very icy and it was still snowing. On the way an SUV slide behind me across both lanes of traffic before gaining control again and continuing on. Needless to say it was a slow drive to the reception.

Wedding Locations:

Emmanuel Apostolic Temple
711 W 2nd St, Walsenburg, CO 81089

Union Station
132 W B St, Pueblo, CO 81003

Start Time:

End Time:

Walsenburg Colorado

wedding rings and shoes with flowers
something borrowed something old
24 people in a wedding party

Union Station in Pueblo

Reception: Union Station in Pueblo Colorado

After a very slow drive from Walsenburg through the snow and ice… Which wasn’t horrible a few miles north of Walsenburg. Walsenburg and south was pretty bad though, in fact, CDOT closed the highway shortly after we left preventing a lot of guests to make it to the reception. 

This was my first visit to Union Station and I have to say… It’s a very cool place. It’s right across from neon alley, which is an alley way filled with neon lights and old brick buildings. The Union Station was also covered in Christmas lights synced to music outside and looked absolutely beautiful.

We didn’t get to take a ton of shots outside during the reception due to the super high winds making it feel like Canada. With the wind it was far too cold outside to do much of anything out there longer than 3 minutes… I watched the wind throughout the night  in hopes that it would die down and we could head over to the alley and take a few shots in the Christmas lights. It did, but it was late in the night and still very very cold.

The reception started with some tearful and sentimental toasts by the best man (Zach’s brother) and the maid of honor (Bobbie Jean’s sister). Afterwards they went to cut the cake, which was an arrangement of several cakes to accommodate the expected 200 guests. From there we went into the first dances… Bobbie and her father were first followed by Zach who split his dance between Bobbie Jean’s mother, his grandmother and his sister… Super cool!

We did the bouquet toss and garter toss, then the party got started. Most of the wedding party danced from start to finish until midnight.

Great party, great wedding, awesome couple, and super cool friends and family.

huge wedding party at union station in pueblo colorado
huge wedding party standing on stairs celebrating

Thank you!

Thank you Bobbie Jean & Zach

Thank you for the wonderful adventure!

Here’s the video from the wedding day…