Looking for affordable wedding videos for your wedding day?

We are offering the most affordable wedding videos possible… Free. Well, kind of free. The only cost to the bride and groom is the cost of a meal for my third person I bring to film.

What does an Epoch Wedding Video look like?

In March of 2017 I started a vlog and a YouTube channel called Epoch365 if you wanted to check that out.

Anyways… I wanted to start the channel for several reasons. One of which was to learn how to film and edit video in hopes of adding it to my business. So I started the channel and just started recording everything I was doing each and every day for a couple months. It was a blast and I truly enjoyed learning how to edit and film… I think I enjoy video as much as I enjoy photography.

After a while I started filming what I could during a few of my engagement shoots and a couple weddings just to see what I could film while also shooting photos. I found it very challenging to shoot both photo and video during a shoot, and especially difficult to do while photographing a wedding. But I loved the footage and videos I was able to make even with minimal footage.

Once I had a general idea of what I wanted to do with the video side of things I started hiring people to film for me at engagement shoots and weddings. I didn’t charge my client, other than a third plate during the meal, as I was experimenting with video and could not yet guarantee any level of quality. This was and still is a bonus for my clients to get whatever video I can make from the video footage.

The idea behind filming what I was doing was to create additional memorable content for my clients as well as produce marketing videos for myself and any other vendors at the wedding I shot. I don’t sell it to clients as a polished wedding and I do not guarantee the quality of the video or if I would even be able to make one from the footage. My priority has always been photos, so in capturing the day and in editing photos always take priority over videos.

It’s been a little more than a year since starting this video experiment. I’ve gotten better at editing and orchestrating video coverage during an event and wanted to share some of the videos we’ve filmed over the past year here on my website.

Katie & Kyle's wedding in Cotopaxi Colorado.

Katie and Kyle’s wedding was super fun and absolutely stunning.

Set in the mountains of Cotopaxi Colorado at the Stagecoach Ranch this was one of the most beautiful weddings I have ever had the pleasure of working.

This is my most recently shot video.
Filmed by myself using the Nikon D850 and my son Cameron using a Nikon D7100 and Canon M50.

Adrienne and Brendan's wedding in Grand Lake Colorado

This was my first video only wedding filmed again by myself on the D850 and my son using the Canon M50 and Nikon D750.

Adrienne and Brendan contacted me last minute asking if I could film their wedding day. Their videographer apparently cancelled and left the state at the last minute leaving them high and dry on the video side of things. I said I could do it and a few days later I was on my way to Grand Lake… Which by the way is a gorgeous part of Colorado. It’s completely worth the 3+ hour trip to visit if you have not yet been there or through that section of mountains.

Connie and Matt's engagement and wedding in Woodland Park Colorado.

One of my earlier video sets…

For the engagement we went to Pulpit Rock Open Space to start, then headed over to the Blue Star to grab a beer, and finished at Rock Ledge Ranch for a wine picnic. They originally met at a bar and asked for some photos of a wine cellar or bar setting for a couple quick shots. So I called the Blue Star on the west side since they had a pretty cool wine cellar and asked if we could come in a take a few photos on the way to Rock Ledge Ranch.

This wedding video was primarily filmed by one of my favorite photographers – Maddie Gillis. The entire day was filled with fun and laughter so I went with a more unique music edit on this one. Another reason I like the concept of offering video as a bonus vs polished videos… I ultimately get to make all the editing decisions and go with what I feel. This wedding was filmed at the Barn at Casey’s in Woodland Park… My favorite venue of all time. Also the venue I shot my first solo wedding at (which was my fourth wedding ever).

Still one of my top weddings I have had the pleasure of working

The engagement was filmed by myself using my phone on a small tripod. (That’s why it’s a mix of photos and video)

The wedding was filmed by Maddie Gillis Photography using Canon and myself using the Nikon D850 and my phone (Samsung S7).

As I get  more into blogging and sharing my stories from the past and present I’ll post more of my videos and projects I’ve done and current projects.