I am Adam Hebert.

My last name is pronounced “eh bear” which is French Canadian as my father was born in Canada. I was born and raised in Colorado with a short 2 year stay in Canada as a kid and a long 10 year stay in California as a teen and young adult. I just realized that I’ve only lived in places that start with the letter “c” – That’s not terribly important but I literally just noticed it.

Growing up and into adulthood, my creative outlet was writing, drawing and digitally coloring comic books as well as creating photo-composites. This is where I learned about storytelling, composing images, and how to edit photos in Photoshop and Lightroom, which I have been using those programs for more than 20 years now. Essentially I learned the art of photography backwards starting with the editing process before ever learning how to use cameras and flash.

I’ve been studying and learning photography through various courses, online and offline, and practicing daily since 2014. I’ve led more than 60 weddings, 70+ engagements, and shot more than 400,000 photos since launching Epoch Moment Photography in 2015. Regardless of my level of experience, I’ll always be a student of photography as I believe there’s always room to learn new techniques and methods to better your craft.

I started out in in photography on the normal path… find a mentor, second shoot for a year or so, then start your own business.

That lasted for exactly 3 weddings. After my third wedding my “mentor” (who had been in the industry for 30+ years) said I was ‘ready‘ and sent me to my fourth wedding ever as the lead and solo wedding photographer for a wedding in Woodland Park.  I was super nervous walking into it, I had only owned a camera for a few months and had only shot 3 weddings as a second shooter at that point…. But I took a deep breath, grabbed my gear, and absolutely nailed that wedding!

I edited the wedding and sent it off to my ‘mentor’ to deliver to the clients. I delivered with pride as I knew I crushed the wedding and produced my very best work at that time.

About a month after I delivered the wedding to my ‘mentor’ I discovered that he had been submitting my photos into contests under his own nameAnd WINNING!

Now I was new into the industry and absolutely crushed by what he did… But also kind of proud that my work from my fourth wedding was winning awards.

Believe it or not, this was actually one of the best things to happen to me. It pushed me to jump start my own path into wedding photography and launch Epoch Moment Photography. So, turning a bad situation good, I left the ‘normal’ path to becoming a wedding photographer and made my own way… No more second shooting and no more working for someone else.

My path to becoming a photographer

Best job on the planet.

Ever since shooting at my very first wedding I knew without a doubt that this is what I wanted to do with my photography. There was something at that first wedding that just clicked with me and felt completely right. There hasn’t been a single moment where I’ve doubted the the direction I’ve chosen. I truly believe that I’ve discovered what I was meant to do in this world.

It’s an awesome feeling when people ask what I do for a living and I get to say, “I’m a photographer.”

Though I enjoy and shoot several different aspects of photography, wedding photography and engagements are my favorite and my main focus.  Besides, most types of photography are rolled up into a wedding day and in a single wedding I get to shoot couples, families, product photography, landscape photography, fashion photography, and architecture photography.

Combine that with the pure emotions happening all around you, the intensely planned details scattered all over a beautiful venue, and being in charge of visually telling the story of a couple and their wedding day… It’s a true honor when someone trusts you to capture these once in a lifetime moments. Then there’s the tremendous rush of knowing that each moment only happens once and I only get one chance to capture every passing memory in the day.

That’s a ton of pressure and stress in every wedding day, not to mention the massive amount of work not only on the wedding day but for several days/weeks before and after the wedding day as well… And I’m absolutely loving every minute of it!

My style.

My shooting style is more photo-journalistic, lifestyle, and candid with a dash of fashion magazine (as I’ve been told). I like to play with light and shadow and find unique angles and frames to help tell your story. I shoot and edit in a style that’s creative to inspire a mood and emotion that matches my couples… But not so over the top where colors are completely different and the images become oddly moody… Unless of course that’s what you’d like, then I can make that happen.

My colors are generally bold with matte blacks and shadows with the highlights drawn back to creates more of a romantic pleasant feeling in the photos. My black and whites are very soft matte blacks and toned whites to accentuate the pure emotions of a colorless image. My goal with my editing and shooting style is to design a path your eyes follow and draw your attention to where I want the attention to be focused on the image.

If the photos has some weird distracting elements like, fly-away hairs, outlets, exit signs, cars, signs, people, or anything else in the photo that distracts you from the subject, I pull the photos into Photoshop to remove the distractions. Occasionally I can get lost in an edit and composite mode in my brain kicks in. This is how I end up editing a single image for 7 hours to create an entire Star Wars scene around the bride and groom. Super fun.. Also super copyrighted… So shhh, don’t tell Disney.

With posing… well… I prefer not to ‘pose‘ anyone as I’m looking for a more natural interaction between you both. However; I do understand how weird it can be having a huge camera aimed at you… So I am there to guide you into poses, situations and moments that let you be you and fit your personalities. I’m there to set the stage, make you look awesome and capture your love no matter how involved you need me to be in that moment.

I’m also there to make sure you don’t look stiff or weird… Unless of course we’re going for that hipster vibe, then stiff and weird it is!

I’m not a Sears Photo Studio, so if you’re looking for boring rigid posed unauthentic photos… I’m not your photographer.
But if you’d like to have fun, play, be weird and act silly… Then you’re at the right place. Let’s do this!

My goal in any shoot is to capture the raw emotion, personality, and the energy of your relationship, your engagement, and your wedding day and create images that you will love and be proud to share for a lifetime.

Outside of work.

Have you heard that old saying, “Find something you love to do and you’ll never work another day in your life.” 

That’s one of the most true statements I never understood until I started photography. Since the very first day of launching Epoch Moment Photography I have not considered what I do work. Don’t get me wrong, there’s plenty of hard days, long hours and tons of work in both wedding photography and running a business… I work more hours and days now than I ever have, but every hard moment and struggle just makes me want to do it that much more.

I understand why people call creative jobs “their passion” but I don’t view photography as a passion that I have… I think most passions can come and go and change with time and for me this is different. Now, I’m trying not to romanticize and fluff this but… Photography is part of my core as a person. It’s who I am and who I was meant to be.

I’m defined by the work I produce and my legacy is in the photos I capture.

Think about it... I get to freeze time and preserve life’s most important moments that, if I were not a photographer, would never have been captured and would be lost forever. That’s about as close to a superpower that I can possibly have without stumbling onto some toxic ooze in the sewers! (Shout out to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!)

Outside of photography I’m the world’s okayest husband, father to three teenagers, and we also have two dogs and five cats… yes I said five. Blame my wife for literally all of those numbers.

I’m an entrepreneur who sleeps six hours a day and wakes up before sunrise on most mornings and pauses to admire nearly every sunset. I say yes with confidence to most new adventures and experiences even when I have no idea what I’m doing and I firmly believe that we live in a limitless world with no rules.

I value time more than money, my second favorite color is orange, I build my computers even though I don’t really understand how they work, I do random things on video and put them on the internet, and… When I’m not working, I’m usually fishing.

engaged couple almost kissing in the yellow aspens of colorado

"The single most importantcomponent of a camera isthe twelve inches behind it."

~ Ansel Adams