Engaged in Colorado?

Only $1.00 for a full engagement session? This can't be right, right?!

Wait… First things first… You’re probably thinking, “What’s the catch with offering $1.00 engagement photos in Colorado to everyone engaged?”

Well, nothing actually, this is not a gimmick or a misleading offer in any way. There’s no up-sell for prints or additional photos and it’s not $1.00 based on you signing a wedding contract or anything like that. This is simply a normal full engagement session and delivered engagement package for just $1.00 for anyone engaged in Colorado.

No strings attached whatsoever… It’s just $1.00 bill signed by both of you so we can hang it on the wall.

For full transparency, there is a service contract that needs to be signed before we can schedule your engagement session. We don’t like all the legal stuff that needs to be included in running a business, but it’s important to contract everything to protect both myself and you. Click here to view a sample contract and a red-line explanation of the details.

For $1.00 engagements we stay local to Colorado Springs to avoid our travel expenses and travel time.

Contact us to book your engagement

Step One:

  1. Fill out the contact form below

Step Two:

2. We’ll send you a quick contract along with a calendar link to schedule your engagement shoot.

That's it!

Why do we offer $1.00 engagement sessions?

Simply put… Because no one else is doing it.

I’m sure no one else is doing this because it’s probably a really bad business idea altogether – We’re offering, for ONE dollar, something we would normally charge $500 for or include as part of a wedding contract. That’s just crazy, right?

  • We’re not new photographers.
  • We’re not “building our portfolios.”
  • We’re not a new struggling business.
  • These are NOT mini sessions. (because mini’s are dumb)

That’s not what this is at all… We’ve been in business for 7+ years and we’re doing very well with 50+ weddings each year. We know what we’re doing… Look! Click here to view some of my engagement photos. and also check out our Facebook and Instagram pages for more work.

We're not trying to be the 'highest paid' wedding photographers in Colorado.We're trying to be the best.

How is this possible?

The dollar you give us is signed and dated by you, then we hang it on the wall with the goal of covering our office walls with signed dollar bills. We also believe everyone, no matter your wedding budget (or life budget), should be able to have these particular memories captured forever in beautiful photos. Romantic right?

From a business perspective:

  • This is part of our marketing plan... We’d rather use our marketing budget to create real content with real clients. It’s a word-of-mouth and awareness campaign… We’re counting on you to share and tag us with your photos to help us reach more people.
  • We’re confident about our work and the experience of working with us (we’re gonna be friends!) that we are willing to offer you an engagement session BEFORE committing to a wedding contract because we know, if we’re within your budget, you’ll hire us for your wedding.

Our goal is not to be the ‘highest-paid’ photographers, it’s to be the best… The only way to be the best is to shoot more, work more, take more risks, and do something that no one else is willing to do… Even if it makes us look crazy.

So let's do this!

"There areno rules here,we're trying toaccomplish something."