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We’re dedicated to making your wedding and engagement experience the very best while providing kick-ass photos and videos that you’ll be proud to share, and make your friends jealous. We create work that is uniquely you and reflects the pure emotion of your love story so that when looking back on your photos and videos in five or ten years… You will re-live all of the same feelings you had at that moment the photo was taken.

We shoot weddings and engagements all over Colorado, California, Wyoming, Utah, and wherever your story takes us. We also believe in making everything as simple and easy as possible, which is why we only offer one simple package and have no real limits on any of our services. Want to drive to the top of a mountain or jump out of a plane for your engagement? Let’s do it!

No stress, no worry… Just your memories perfectly captured to last you a lifetime. 

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What is an Epoch Moment

By definition – An Epoch Moment (ep·och /ˈepək/ mo·ment /ˈmōmənt/) is a single moment in time marking the beginning of a distinctive and life-changing period in a person’s life.

So, an Epoch Moment is all of the details, small and large, during life’s most important moments that create who you are as a person and tell your story.

A wedding is definitely an “Epoch Moment.
This single day, just 86,400 seconds, will change the rest of your life. You’re committing your life to another person and combining two families into one. That’s not only amazing, but it’s a huge step in life that will undoubtedly change both of your paths forever. 

Life is full of these types of moments that shape your future, but your wedding day is by far one of the largest Epoch Moments in your life and carries the most impact for the rest of it. So it’s crucial to choose the right team of people to capture your wedding and all of your Epoch Moments and record every memorable detail in stunning photos and video. This is what we do best!

We Absolutely Love Our Job

It’s our job (and pleasure) to capture all of your important once-in-a-lifetime wedding photos, engagement photos, and videos… Therefore, we take great pride and responsibility in providing the very best photos and videos for your special day from start to finish. It means a lot to us that you cherish your memories and enjoy all of your photos and videos for a lifetime. 

Our Primary Goal is Simple

Create stunning wedding and engagement photos (and videos) that are uniquely you and capture your personalities and emotions while reflecting the magnitude of your engagement and wedding day. We strive to create the very best experience for your special day and deliver a product that you are not only proud to share, but your friends and family will be jealous of (but in a good way). 

On top of photography and filming, we’re also there to use our experience and help plan before the wedding, create a timeline, assist at the rehearsal, and coordinate on the wedding day to ensure that your wedding day is everything you hoped and planned for. 

One Simple Package

One wedding package that includes everything you need to capture and share your wedding day and engagement.

We offer a full engagement session with or without a wedding contract for just $1.00. This is a full session with time limits and you get the photos delivered via online gallery with no weird print sale scams. To help us be able to offer this, we do limit the locations for the $1.00 engagements to staying in Colroado Springs.

We’re there from start to finish on your wedding day without worry of running out of time or your coverage being restricted by a time limit. Our goal is to tell your entire wedding day story whether it’s 6 hours or 12 hours.

We have two photographers at every wedding. One lead photographer and a second for different perspectives and additional coverage.

Want to include video on your wedding day? Add a videographer for $1499

Everything is posted on an online gallery where you can download and order prints. Anyone with a link can also download and order prints making it easy to share your photos.

After everything is done you’ll get a flash drive containing all of the photos from the engagement and wedding as well as any videos.

Prints and products in all shapes and sizes are available on your online gallery. Order prints, save the date cards, thank you cards, albums, and more inside of your gallery. I encourage using the pro-lab vs local labs to receive the very best quality in your prints. Better color, better paper, better everything… At a slightly higher price than the local labs.

Package Price $3499

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