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I love being a wedding photographer.

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Since I only have a moment to capture your attention. I’ll make it simple.

I’m a full-time wedding photographer based in Colorado. I travel around the US and anywhere else in the world your wedding will take me. I fell in love with wedding photography and capturing love stories in 2015 and have been shooting weddings and engagements full-time ever since. I don’t consider what I do my work or a passion, it’s a part of me at my core and the work I produce is my legacy in this world.

I’ve made my own path in the wedding industry by creating a bold unique value based service focused on you and the stories I get to share vs making tons of money. I’m coloring outside of the lines by offering absolutely free engagement shoots with no wedding contract, free highlight videos for every wedding and prints at lab costs with a zero percent markup. My only goal is to provide you with amazing photos that you can feel and fully tell your story. I make videos and photos that you’ll be proud of and love to share, all at a price that you’ll feel good about.

I’m not trying to be the ‘highest paid’ wedding and engagement photographer in Colorado… I’m trying to be the best.

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I love my job.

I have the best job on the planet. 

I get invited to the best parties and events all year long, I go hiking, I chase sunsets, visit beautiful venues, travel, meet cool people, work with awesome businesses, and get to create all day everyday. My job consists of what most people do when they get off work or go on vacation… And that’s just awesome!

You would think that any one of those are the main reason I love being a full-time wedding photographer, but actually, none of them are. 

The number one greatest part of being a full-time wedding photographer is delivering the photos and videos and seeing or hearing the awe from my clients. They say the photos made them cry or re-live each moment as they flip through the photos. When they share their engagement and wedding photos and video with joy and pride… Ahh… It just means the world to me to know that my vision of their love story made an impact on their lives… Their ‘Epoch Moment’ if you will.

Second to that connecting to people, hugging moms, grandmas, and brides or shaking the hands (or hugging) the groom, fathers and grandpas after totally nailing a wedding. Hearing people thank me and tell me that they ‘love my work’ and that I did a great job based solely on the experience of having me cover the wedding is a wonderful feeling. Skills are cheap, but when a client or their families recognize the experience of working with me, sees me in my element and can see that I care about the moments and that I’m thrilled to be there… Anyone can see when someone is doing the job they absolutely love doing, so it’s just awesome when that is recognized by whoever is watching.

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