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An ‘epoch’ is a moment or period of time in a person’s life that forever changes the rest of their life. It could be narrowed down to a simple choice made, a direction you turned, a long period of time, or a split second in a day, but these are the moments that shape you and define who you will be today and tomorrow.

You can have several epoch moments in a lifetime, for example, this company is one of my epoch moments. Leaping into the world of photography and specifically wedding photography has led to an amazing personal journey that has changed me forever. There’s something about freezing seconds of time and deeply focusing on other people’s lives and love story that has inspired me on so many levels. Witnessing and documenting how people celebrate love has become one of my greatest joys in life. Since starting this company I have known without fail I can never in life stop photographing people and weddings.

A wedding is one of life’s biggest epoch moments. From the moment she said ‘yes’ to nervously uttering the words “I do” every action has led to connecting two lives together sharing the single most precious thing any of us have… Our time. Deciding to unconditionally love someone and share a life together definitely changes the rest of your life and a single wedding day can have a lifetime of emotions, it’s my job to capture those split seconds moments and feelings into a single image that can be remembered and felt forever.

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I love my job.

Before starting Epoch Moment Photography I would’ve never in a thousand years said to anyone that I’d become a wedding photographer. It simply wasn’t on my radar in life, in fact I didn’t even own a camera until I was 38. It took photographing one wedding, my first wedding, to absolutely fall in love with wedding photography. 

It was chaotic, rushed at times, hectic, and filled with panicked moments, yet at the same time beautiful, emotional, and surrounded by love and laughter from all angles. I was in awe both during the wedding as well as during the editing process re-living the moments I captured. I knew from the very first wedding what I had to do and what I wanted to do with the rest of my life.

It’s been a while since that first wedding and I am still very much in love with photographing weddings and engagements. I work more now and longer hours than I ever have in any other job, yet I wake up excited to work. I have found that the old adage “Choose a job that you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” is absolutely true. Since becoming a full time wedding photographer I feel like I no longer even ‘go to work.’ Instead I am work, I am always at work, and I am always working.

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