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A little about me

I’m a husband, father, photographer, designer, artist, entrepreneur, nerd and an all around awesome guy. I was born and raised in Colorado Springs minus a two year trip to Canada and a ten year stay in California – which only made me appreciate this beautiful state we live in even more. 

I’ve always been a creative type from traditional mediums like pencil art and painting to digital art and photo editing. I’ve used Photoshop for more than 20 years for graphic design, digital painting, comic book art and photo editing. I enjoy editing pictures almost as much as I enjoy taking photos.

September 2014 I picked up my first high-end digital camera and was instantly hooked. Being able to capture moments of time in a single photo and telling an entire story in one shot has since become my life’s passion. So much in fact, that in that same month I quit my job of 17 years to pursue a career in photography.

What my clients say…

Adam is an incredible photographer! He is so much fun to work with, and his photos truly captured our vision, love, and special moments in the most gorgeous and meaningful ways. He delivers an honest product with great value, and we will absolutely hire Adam again and again.

MaryAliceEngagement & Wedding

Adam is excellent to work with and willing to go the extra mile to get "that great shot"! He definitely has an eye for seeing the end creation. We couldn't have asked for a better photographer !! Thank you, Adam! I hope he can photograph my next girl when she graduates!!

Teri M.Senior Pictures

Adam is a fantastic photographer!! He has a great eye, and the ability to see beauty in a place that others wouldn't. The photos he created for me were more than I could have even imagined. Photos that made me emotional. The moments he captured will forever fill my heart with joy!!
Thank you Adam......sincerely! !

Jill S.Senior Pictures

Hands down the best! Worth every penny! He was patient & kind of my difficult senior but I'm one happy momma! I can't stop smiling from his work! If this was a 100 star rating he would get 100 ⭐️
Thank you for capturing these!!!!
Took me a while to pick a photographer and yes I could of gone with someone else. But my heart was set on Adam. I didn't look back after I seen his work & talked with him. He knows what he's doing & is the best I have seen in the springs! I definitely will be making more appointments with him for any session I have!

Jennifer A.Senior Pictures

The most amazing pictures! The editing is phenomenal!! Great guy to work with and makes the whole experience awesome!

My wife (still counts haha)

My fiancé and I had so much fun working with Adam. At first, we were a little nervous and thought the experience of doing engagement pics would make us feel awkward, but ... Adam made us feel comfortable and we had blast. Adam goes above and beyond. I am so impressed with the effort he puts in before the session. He takes a lot of time to scout the location and plan out each shot. He knows exactly what the light will be like, where to stand, fun effects he can use, etc. Above all else, he really cares about his clients and wants to go above and beyond in capturing their memories. And did I mention his work is AMAZING!!!

Carrie S.Bride - Wedding & Engagement

Definitely recommend this guy our family had a wonderful experience!

Damian C.Family Pictures

Thank you so much!!!! These pictures literally blew our minds!! Chris and I think they are so awesome, we are going to have such a hard time narrowing them down.

Simone K.Bride - Wedding & Engagement

They are incredible!! We are really happy with them, your work is amazing! Thank you so much, again. I'm really looking forward to the wedding photos now!

Jordan M.Bride to be

Thank you so much for being my mentor and taking the time out of your day to share your knowledge on photography with me!

Maddie G.Second Shooter

Adam did my daughters engagement and wedding photos. He is a very nice man. The images are awesome! At the wedding it seemed everywhere I looked he was there with his camera capturing the moments and turning them into life long memories. Highly recommended! Keep up the great work Adam, it was a pleasure to meet you and your lovely wife!

Regina F.Mother of the Bride

I Love the sneak peek!!! 😀 I can't wait to see the rest.

Brianna B.Bride - Wedding

I can't say enough wonderful things about Adam. He truly has the passion and the eye to make every shot amazing. My husband and I had some photos taken a short while before he was supposed to deploy, and Adam sped up the process of getting us back some photos just so my husband was able to see them before he left. Very professional and fun to work with, he was a blessing to find.

Ryann D.Deployment Session

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Adam Hebert

Adam Hebert

Owner & Photographer

I launched Epoch Moment Photography in January of 2016 to chase my passion of telling stories in single frames. I love everything about photography and specifically wedding photography. That''s part of the reason I don't include time limits on my sessions and weddings... I will literally stay out with clients until they get tired of having their pictures taken.

I also teach photography and mentor beginners from Facebook groups to meetups to one-on-one meetings. I'm an open book with any knowledge I have and I'm willing to make time to help other photographers become successful and achieve their goals in their photography.

Why I love what I do…

After photographing my first wedding I knew that was the direction I wanted to go with my photography. I like the pressure of knowing I only have one shot to capture the emotions and feelings of a wedding day. There’s no second chances at a wedding, I have to know my camera and what to do in the ever evolving light and events that take place throughout the day. I love the challenge and responsibility of wedding photography combined with playing an important part in one of the most memorable days of a person’s life.

I’m invited to witness all of the different ways that different people and families celebrate love. In a single wedding there can be a plethora of emotions and moments that are unique to that wedding and these two families. Every wedding is completely unique and demands a different creative eye to capture the entire story… and that’s exciting! It makes everything else I shoot feel boring in comparison.

 My photography style

I am not a studio photographer.  So please don’t expect me to line you up on the couch in matching clothes for your basic family photo – that’s what Sears is for.  Instead, expect to play, laugh, interact, be weird, love on one another and simply have fun. I can’t pose you in a way that shows your unique personalities, so just act natural, be the best you, and the photos will perfectly tell your story.

My job as a photographer is to capture a feeling or emotion and tell an entire story in a single photo. When you look back at your pictures I want them to remind you of how you felt during that moment and not just what you looked like or who was present. 

In editing – I tend to edit on the heavier side to enhance the colors, contrast and light to guide your eye throughout each image. I dilute the blacks with a subtle matte style and pop the whites to give the photos a realistic/fantasy look. I whiten teeth, clean skin and remove distracting objects to make your photos the best they can be. 

I’ve learned photography a little backwards. First I learned how to edit long before I even picked up a camera, then I learned how to take photos. I think this is what makes Epoch Moment Photography unique in the industry. When I stage a photo I understand the composition, the light, and what I can do with it all in post to create an awesome image.